How many Monarch butterflies have you seen this year?

                                                All  pics from “Monarch Butterfly Site”

Monarch butterflies used to be all over the Midwest. Growing up in Indiana and Ohio, I could walk outside and almost get hit in the head by monarchs making their graceful, lazy, big-winged way to find milkweed for laying eggs or to sample the varied nectar of the neighborhood flower gardens.   During migration times, you might see clouds of monarchs making their way to or from their winter homes.  The monarch population seems to be in steep decline.  The presence of a monarch where I live now seems so remarkable because it is so much rarer than in the past.   It would be a pleasure to once again be able to anticipate the monarchs being dependable, plentiful yearly visitors to the Midwest. I hope to encourage this by finding and planting milkweed native to this region and putting more butterfly-friendly plants in my yard.

To find out more, click the links below. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are loads of resources on the internet and in local libraries. Take some time to investigate these amazing and beautiful insects.


Monarch Butterfly Site –

Monarch Watch   –

Live Monarch    –



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