gratitude (2)

Being grateful is something I always mean to do/be, but it seems to get away from me in my reflexive tendency to complain about the most minor of inconveniences that life brings my way daily.  I don’t know why it’s so hard to just say “thank you”, even just in my mind, for the many good things that come to me in spite of myself.  It’s been on my mind recently as I have noticed that, on occasion, I “awfulize” things (a natural for the pessimist) instead of looking for the silver lining….

…but I digress.  Here is a short list of things I am going to keep in front of my ever-more-myopic eyes to remind me…

  • Start each day with a smile – Hey, I woke up and am able to put my feet on the floor and get the day started. That’s got to count for something!
  • Be aware that for whatever it is that I might not have, I have MUCH more than I need.
  • My gratitude is not dependent on what others may or may not have; although, being aware of the struggles of another, whatever the form, can bring an acute awareness of my own blockheadedness at times.
  • If I can complain and mope about something then I am already ahead of the game; there are places in this great big world where doing so is neither safe nor smart.
  • I have a dog!
  • Even the tough, crummy, seemingly insurmountable things that have happened in my life are worth being grateful for as they provided the impetus to head toward the scary uncertainties of life that complaining allowed me to avoid.
  • Counting my blessing may sound trite, but it is amazing how long the list is once I get started.  It leaves no time for being a thankless slug.


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