Just wondering…

friends (6)

Would it make you like/dislike me if you knew I

had a great sense of humor?

didn’t leave the house some days because I couldn’t face people?

know where to pick up a bargain?

have trouble praying?

thought I peaked at 9 years old? (good grief!… well it WAS a good year)

was kind to the elderly?

picked my nose?

care about what others think of me?

am plagued by episodes of crushing self-doubt?

can and will act like a goofball?!

have a history of chronic bed wetting (long resolved)?

can pick out the right wine to go with a meal?

buy all my clothing (except underwear/socks) at thrift stores?

swear like a sailor when I drive?

leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight?

floss irregularly?

sometimes have uncharitable thoughts during church?

miss my mom and dad?

have no clue what I am doing in life at least some of the time?

have a tendency to overshare?

friends (5)


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