superhero (2)

It must be good rearing and/or relatively sound mental health that keeps me suitable for society most of the time.  Day after day I complete the mundane tasks of life – bathing, dishes, grocery shopping, work, laundry, cooking, taking the dog out, paying the bills – giving no clue to the world around me that I am anything other than a regular old human being.  There is nothing particularly attention-getting about my appearance or demeanor, although I think I might have a killer smile.  Aside from that, I get up in the morning, do stuff then go to bed so that I can complete the cycle the next day and the next…

But, while I’m doing the stuff…

a commotion is taking place – brilliance, bravery and benevolence along with staggering baseness explode between my ears.

In my head I am…

  • ten feet tall!
  • saying cruel, hurtful things
  • Martha Stewart without the record or the money.
  • a champion for the underdog.
  • rolling down my car window and really letting a “bad driver” know what I think.
  • finding the cure for cancer.
  • composing a symphony and have perfect pitch.
  • able to fly and  perform amazing acrobatic feats flawlessly.
  • daydreaming of revenge.
  • endlessly patient.
  • sending that graphic text.
  • shrinking.
  • fluent in languages other than English and Pig Latin.
  • having a full-on, glass-breaking, furniture-snapping, “there will be hell to pay” tantrum.
  • participating in karaoke night – sober.

That the roughly 3-pound computer encased in my bony head is able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, what behaviors are/are not appropriate and can weigh the risks of each possibility considered  – and politely wait for my decision – fills me with awe.   I’m a superhero!  Because I’m just a regular old human completing the mundane tasks of life.


2 thoughts on “Superhero

  1. I wish I was ten feet tall! (Then maybe I could dust the tops of the cupboards without balancing on a chair and several old phone books!)


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