Writing prompt No. 1

All this time I thought it was my fault.

  • disapproving looks and marginal excuses for not being able to spend time together
  • not introducing me at social functions while, with your back to me, you greeted whomever with a kiss, a hug or a winning smile
  • telling your family about our engagement without me even though I was just upstairs
  • the unexplained late night phone calls, the mysterious numbers on the cell phone bills
  • constant deflection of reasonable yet heartsick concerns ~ “why do you have to be like this?” “Why are you so threatened by (insert name here)?”
  • always choosing anyone else over me
  • acting like you were doing me a favor by including me in your orbit.

All this time I thought it was my fault … and it was, because I

  •  let you treat me that way, let you lie right in my ever-hopeful face
  •  kept leaning on what you said instead of paying attention to what you did
  •  stuck around even when it was clear you didn’t want me there
  •  figured you would eventually see what a great gal I was
  •  tried to convince myself that you wanted me (or why would you stick around?)
  •  was your fiancé but not the woman you were pursuing.


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