Halloween challenge

I saw this challenge on ScaleSimple.  Stephj from that site was inspired by Pursuitofanewadventure

Challenge:  Start with this sentence – “The wind whistled in between the branches of the grabbing trees that I saw briefly in between the layers of fog.” – set your timer for 15 minutes, write like crazy and stop when the timer goes off.  It was a blast!  Here is what I came up with:


The wind whistled in between the branches of the grabbing trees that I saw briefly in between the layers of fog. It felt as though there was lint or dust in my eyes and as I reached up to wipe away whatever was there, I realized it wasn’t foggy out. My face and head were swathed in what felt like thick spider webs – that soft yet maddening silk that can’t be gotten a hold of. My hands brushed wildly at my face, my hair, my neck trying to rid myself of the gentle, chilling fingers brushing against me, foretelling a visitor I in no way wished to meet.

The wind came to my aid when a gust caught part of the mat of web lying heavily across my brow and left eye. A wave of relief rolled over my and I started off in the direction of the holiday get-together my friends were hosting in the local graveyard. I made one last pass across my hair with my hand and stopped dead in my tracks.

Where my ear would normally be, there was a pulsating, stubbled something and it wasn’t happy that my hand had disturbed it. I felt a sharp poke and a sting just under my earlobe. Gasping in pain, I slapped at the thing taking residence on my ear. A disconcerting and disgusting shuffling sensation moved toward the top of my head and again I slapped at the thing. Warm, viscous, putrid fluid flowed down my brow and as it reached my right eye and burned into the sensitive tissue rendering me half blind.

Frantically I rubbed my hand on my jeans trying desperately to get the foul liquid off my hand – to clean it off enough that I could gently probe and wipe at my stinging, throbbing, unseeing right eye. The smell on my hand as I brought it to my face almost caused me to hurl – this must be what Hell smells like, I thought.

I still couldn’t see with the one eye but again moved toward to holiday party in the hope that someone there might be able to help me. As I walked I noticed that the ground around me seemed to be moving, almost rolling. Blinking my left eye hard to get the best look at what was around me I suddenly experienced a sensation of both dizziness, nausea and utter terror. All around me were huge, black, hairy and hungry-looking spiders. There was no clear way to safely get away from them. My mind raced as I felt the first stinging, searing pain in my leg… then my back…I was covered with them.



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