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Recently I have been reading some of the writing on my other/older blog.  Much of it is years old and I have not gone back to it unless someone calls my attention to an error in spelling/grammar or a formatting issue.  The words seem fresh and enough removed from me that I read without the shrill inner critic ruining the moment.  It’s a pleasant shock to read stuff that came out of my thick old skull… and like it  find that it makes me laugh/sigh/wonder without that nattering voice in my remarking about what I “should have” written/said/thought.

Editing becomes a cleaner, less personal matter.  I don’t feel I’m losing a limb if I boldly excise extraneous words.  Leaving things to sit for a while gives the “statue hiding in the block of marble” a chance to take form (to severely overstate the importance of my “art”). It is fun to re-visit these previously posted posts, re-work some things and post them again… here!  It’s not that I believe my writing is brilliant or even interesting (to anyone other than me); time has gentled my eyes to what is me – to what is my own – and that is a very good thing.





3 thoughts on “Posting posts previously posted …

    • Thank you for the invite, StephJ. I apologize for not being able to hop on the Christmas blogging Challenge this year. Life and the holidays are getting the better of me this year and I am finding it difficult to remember pesky details like changing out of my pajamas before leaving the house. Yikes! I am enjoying catching your Christmas Challenge blog posts when I can sit at my computer for a few. Thanks again. :o)

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